“Jill’s devotionals always have such a profound message. My ear leans in a little closer when she comes on the station. Her devos are like gold nuggets of wisdom! There are so good!”

-Suzanne Sutherland

“Jill Sharp is a Pastor, teacher and mentor all rolled up into one. Her ability, passion and fire to bring the Word of Jesus to the masses is something so very special. Jill brings such a positive, yet no nonsense approach to share God’s Word and that makes her someone that one would want to learn from. I have learned a great deal from Jill over the past two years and she has helped greatly in my ministry walk and vision.”

-Brian Tucker

“I’ve been so blessed by Jill’s devotions and teachings. She is truly anointed and shares the truth of God’s word with love and depth of knowledge. God uses her in such an amazing way. You’ll certainly be blessed if you listen.”

-Regina Dowker