Defeating The Golden Calf

In Exodus 32, the Israelites fell into sin when they created a “Golden Calf” to worship in the wilderness. God had led them out of so much, and yet the calf was still created to take the place in their hearts over God.

We hate on the Israelites and it can be hard for us to believe that they would do something like this, especially after all that God had brought them through, but I want you to think about it in a different way.

That golden calf represented their comfort. It represented familiarity. It represented what they had come from in Egypt. They knew how to “worship” the calf, but God was leading them into unfamiliar territory that would require complete dependance on Him. And in that moment God seemed far off to them…so they created an idol…a “Calf,” to give them something tangible to direct their attention on. The calf was “easy” and it was quickly obtained. No hard waiting, no unanswered questions, no building of their faith…just “rest.”

However, this is the trick that the devil tries to convince us of when he erects an “idol” in our lives. He will tell us that it will be easier. He will tell us that it will fix all of our problems…but it won’t. It will actually cause more damage in the long run. Sin always does.

An idol in our lives could be money, a relationship, choosing comfort over God’s will in an area of your life, not obeying his timing or instruction, or how about this…trying to obtain his promises for your life in a way that God didn’t ordain. Abraham and Sarah found this out the hard way when they tried to “move along God’s plan” by involving another person to “help” God move along the process of having a child, but look how much heartache it caused!

What are those things in your life today that you are dependent upon over God? An idol in our lives is anything that becomes a barrier to our relationship with Christ.

Pray this prayer with me today: God, thank you that you are a loving God who cares about me. I know that your ways are higher and you are always looking out for my best interests in life. Search my heart today, God. I pray that you would expose any areas where I have created an idol in my life that I trust in more than you. Please bring healing to my heart and help me to keep you first in my life. Renew a steadfast and right spirit within me today, because I know your plans for me are the very best. Amen!

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