Don’t Let Loneliness Cause You To Settle

This is a shout out to my singles out there.  The devil will try his hardest in seasons of waiting to get you to settle for less than God’s best for life. He will feed you lies like:

“Who knows if God really cares about your love life…”

“What makes you think God will come through for you now…you have waited 20 years-maybe you just need to hurry things along and take matters into your own hands.”

“You are such a failure…look at all of your friends around you that are married and in relationships. You aren’t good enough to keep a healthy relationship alive! You might as well give up on God in this area of your life.”

“They aren’t an “on-fire” believer…but there just aren’t very many options out there right now. They technically claim to be a Christian…you might as well just settle for this one even though there isn’t a lot of fruit on their life and you don’t feel God’s peace on it. After all, if you keep waiting nothing better may ever come along. Better to just take this into your hands now.”

“Nobody wants you. Look at the string of failed relationships from your past! You might as well give up hope in this area of your life.”

…Do any of these lies sound familiar? The devil LOVES to taunt singles with these lies and condemnation in their season of waiting.

Can I whisper a secret to you guys? God knows your heart and the desires of your heart even more than YOU do. He is faithful and can 100% be trusted in this area of your life. Surrendering control can be so much easier said than done, but He has plans for your life that are better than you could ever imagine! Trusting Him with His will over your love life is one of the best decisions you will ever make. He is the very best matchmaker!

If you are a single, I want to pray for you today:

“God, thank you for everyone who reads this thread and is believing you for a Godly spouse one day. I pray that you would bring hope back into their hearts and that you would help them to trust that everything is in your hands. We thank you that you have not forgotten them. I pray for your goodness and breakthrough to come into this area of their lives in Jesus name, and that you would prepare them for the promises that you have for them. Help them in the waiting season to know that they haven’t been forgotten and you hear their prayers. Amen!”

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