A Season Of Emptying

John 2:1-11 describes when Jesus changed water into wine at the wedding in Galilee. What is so interesting about this passage is that Jesus waited until the cisterns were empty before he “filled” them with the good stuff (the new wine).

Sometimes God will allow you to walk through an “emptying” season of your life where he cleanses and heals your heart of the things of old in order to make way for the new blessings that he wants to bring into your life. God can’t fill a vessel that is already full! As you allow God to work on your heart and deal with healing the root issues of your past via the “emptying” process, this prepares the way for Him to fill you with the things that are of Him. Don’t give up hope today.  Sometimes what looks like a season of subtraction is really setting you up for a new season of addition.

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