Seeking God For His Presence; Not Just What He Can Give You

In the Old Testament in Joshua chapter 4,  the Ark of the Covenant represented God’s presence. When Joshua was instructed to help lead the Israelites across the Jordan River, He was told to send the priests with the Ark to go stand in the Jordan. As they did, the waters stopped flowing and stood up in a heap a great distance away, allowing the Israelites to cross safely.

So many people are waiting on their circumstances to move, not realizing that what they really need is the presence of God sitting in the MIDDLE of their circumstances for breakthrough to occur. They are contending for breakthrough in their prayer times, but are neglecting to seek for the presence of God.

My friends, it’s not wrong to seek for us to seek God for breakthrough over our circumstances, but we have to realize that seeking His presence in our lives FIRST is the answer. The waters in the Jordan moved in response to being in the presence of God. So many of the circumstances we encounter that need shifting would resolve themselves if we would just make seeking and keeping His presence in our lives as a top priority.

Remember today that God knows what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. That circumstance you are facing today may seem big, but there is REST in the presence of God. Remember today to seek Him for who He is, not just for what He can do for you. God is pretty good at working out the details when we surrender ourselves to Him. 

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