Setting Up Memorials Of Remembrance

In the old testament, whenever God came through for the Israelite’s in a big way or a major battle was won, they were instructed to set up a memorial at the place where the event took place so that every time they passed that location in the future, they would remember God’s faithfulness in their past.

I think especially in hard seasons, it is important for us to be purposeful to set up our own “memorials”, as well. Not in the literal sense that we go and set up stones or a statue in a specific location, but more being purposeful to remember in the hard times how God has been faithful to come through for us in the past. The devil tries to get us to forget the faithfulness of God in tough seasons or where the wait has been long, but God wants us to remember his faithfulness.

What are those areas where God has been faithful to you in a previous season? Hold onto those moments, my friends. His faithfulness never changes.

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