Symptoms Of Attack-Jezebel Spirit

“Symptoms” you might be under attack from a Jezebel spirit:

1. You are experiencing strong fear towards a current situation

2. Evidence of threats, intimidation, and bullying against you from a specific person or the devil

3. Evil and foreboding thoughts

4. Apathy/numbness towards your current situation

5. Prolonged bouts of recurring sickness

6. Hopelessness

7. A feeling of being trapped/controlled/manipulated

8. Lack of enthusiasm for your kingdom assignment or future

9. Jezebel spirit is often very “charming” when it wants to be; will use flattery to encourage you to buckle under it’s mission. But things will turn ugly the moment you try to stand your ground.

10. Roots of anger will begin to manifest through those it is afflicting

11. The spirit will try to make you feel isolated

12. The spirit will try to shut down all prophecy (especially hates and comes after prophets).

13. Often “tag teams” with the python spirit/divination to make you feel constricted and limited in your current ability

14. Fear of confronting someone about a needed issue to address

15. Will use seduction/sex to try to control; use of physical touch to charm

Things to keep in mind: Jezebel spirit can operate through a man or a woman. It is not just limited to women. We have ALL been afflicted/felt the side effects of Jezebel spirit at one point or another in our lives. The spirit will often come after those more strongly who have a past season of strong rejection. Often it will afflict those who didn’t have strong mother/father figures in their life, but particularly homes with a dominant/controlling mother and a passive father figure.

We see all of this in 1 Kings 19 when the Jezebel spirit tried to come after Elijah. He experienced fear at the threats of Jezebel, discouraged thoughts, he ran away from his kingdom assignment, and was afraid to confront/stand up to Jezebel because of her reaction, he ran to an isolated area to be alone, and had great hopelessness, etc. The other interesting thing is…Jezebel spirit often hangs out in churches when it is manifesting through someone. It will often even be a person who appears very spiritual, but something will feel “off.” So how do we deal with this? We have to quit tolerating the spirit and come against it in prayer. It also requires standing up to this spirit, and if the spirit will not change-getting it out of our lives.Revelation 2:20 states: “Nevertheless, I have this against you: You tolerate that woman Jezebel, who calls herself a prophet.”

We as the church need to have a no tolerance policy for this spirit trying to come against our lives. We walk people through deliverance in their mindsets who are struggling in this area, but if they are unwilling to change, the only way to get rid of the problem is to quit tolerating the spirit in the church and in our personal lives. We have to be willing to distance ourselves from it.Have you been experiencing any of the following symptoms above? If it’s just been one or two on the list, it may be a coincidence. But if it is several, I encourage you to pray about this topic today.

Ask God if there is anyone in your life that this spirit has been operating through, and come against the spirit in prayer in your personal life. Elijah ran from the call on his life when Jezebel threatened him, but God called him out and told him to go back and confront the problem. We cannot stand by and tolerate harassment from this spirit any longer in our lives. We have to attack it in prayer. 

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