Your Past Does Not Disqualify You

The devil wants you focused on your sin. God wants you focused on HIM.

I think it’s important for us to remember-God isn’t looking for perfect people to use for his kingdom. Perfect people don’t exist. He is looking for willing vessels.

Don’t get me wrong-living a lifestyle away from sin is VERY important, but if we aren’t careful, we will let the devil bring discouragement and condemnation into our lives from things that God has already forgiven us from in our pasts. When we embrace a place of constant condemnation over our lives from things we have repented and asked for forgiveness for, it can sometimes cause us to feel unworthy to step into our calling.

What areas of your life has the devil been reminding you of your sin? If you have truly repented and asked for forgiveness, it’s time to move on. God has such an amazing calling on your life and wants to use you in a mighty way! Never forget, my friends: It’s never been about our own ability or strength to begin with. It’s about HIS ability to move through us.

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