Your Personal God Time Is A “Seed”

Have you ever sat down for a God time, read your Bible, prayed, and did exactly what you are “supposed” to do and heard and felt…nothing? Been there. Done that.

It’s in these times where we can begin to wonder: “God, where are you?” Or how about this: “Is all of this time really making a difference in my life?”

The devil will very quickly come in during these moments and will try to convince you that the time spent is worthless and that you do not hear from God. If we aren’t careful, we can start to believe his lies. Sometimes it’s hard when you don’t see the fruit immediately from the effort that you are putting in.

I want to challenge you guys to think about your God time a bit differently today. Think about your God time as a “seed” that you are planting. Keeping this in mind, think about different varieties of seeds. Some plants sprout very quickly, while others can take quite a while longer before any fruit will be produced.

Your God time is kind of like that seed. Some days you will receive instant revelation, feel all the “Holy Ghost Goosebumps”, cry those cleansing tears, and have all the “feels.” But some seeds that you have planted in being faithful over your God time on a a daily basis won’t pop up immediately. Some you will see the fruit from days, or even years down the line.

I will never forget that one afternoon I received a powerful revelation from God over my current situation. I was blown away! While I was praising Him for speaking to my heart, God, spoke to me and said: “Jill-you do realize that the reason you were able to hear from me clearly this afternoon was because you were tuned in with your God time this morning, right?”

I was shocked! In my God time that morning, I had literally felt nothing. NOTHING. No powerful revelation. Didn’t feel God’s presence, really. No instruction. Just same ol same ol putting in the time and seeking His heart.

It was a powerful lesson that He wanted me to learn. Just because a seed was planted and you didn’t immediately see fruit from your God time in that moment, doesn’t mean it isn’t coming forth. The good fruit WILL come forth when you spend time with the Lord-sometimes we just have to be patient and faithful with the little things. Little acts of obedience add up over time, and this is what helps to bring overflow into our lives.

Be purposeful with your individual time with God each day, my friends. You may not see the fruit yet from your times with Him, but keep in mind you just planted a seed. And the very nature of a seed is to grow and reproduce after it’s own kind as you water that fertile ground. Don’t give up.

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